1Tb My Passport stopped being detected

Hi Everybody - hope that you can give me some advice

1Tb WD Passport Drive - WDBYNN0010BBK-0B

Has had data written onto it and then in storage for about 6 months

Now when I plug it in

It is detected - PC makes sound when plugged in

Shows up on “Device Manager” under Disk drives as - WD My Passport 25E1 USB Device

Shows up on “Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media” as - Eject My Passport - and ejects if clicked

The drive does NOT SHOW on File Explorer


The data was written on a PC running Win 7 - now I’m trying to access using a PC running Win 10 - I actually tried on the old Win7 PC and same issue

TIA for any advice on what to do

It seems like no drive letter assign to the device. Try to use Disk Management to assign a drive letter for your device.