1TB My Book Partition/index/data Issues

I have a 1TB my book, external drive that was hooked up to my Vista 64bit computer and working fine.

i believe one of my kids downloaded a virus as many desk top icons were mysteriously missing.  I got the system cleaned up and went to check my data on the My Book.

from my computer if i right click and hit properties of the my book it shows that there is 634GB of 930GB used

when i try to open the drive to view the contents the window opens and simply says “Folder Is Empty” on the right side where my files should be listed.

i did some searching on this site and tried the EASEUS Partition Recovery program.

my book shows up on the list of disks and when i highlight it it shows the full 953199MB as unallocated

i hit next and tell it to search entire disk

then i select complete and hit next.  i immedeatly get the choose partitions to recover and there are none listed so the proceed button is greyed out. and i must quit.

any help with this would be greatly appreciated… i have over ten years of my music collection on this drive…many live shows that i have recorded plus countless hours ripping my entire CD collection.

thank you all in advance


Try deleting the driver for the external remove it properly and reboot system. Plug drive back in and it will load a new driver. You can also try TestDisk http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk One more thing find a Linux build that runs from CD but does not actually install on Windows. I think Ubuntu has one and I’ve experimented with this one http://www.ubcd4win.com/index.htm

I didn’t have a corrupt drive but you can pick your way around. You just learned the hard lesson of trusting important data to one drive and it doesn’t matter who makes it. You need at least 2 copies.



thank you for the helpful response.

i deleted the driver, rebooted and now when i run the easeus partition recovery it shows me many lost partitions. (yesterday it just showed all drive space as unallocated)

my problem is that when i try to select a partition to recover i get a pop-up message stating that “some existing partitions will be owverwritten if you undelete this partition, continue” then yes or no options.  (i am trying to attach a screen capture, that i hope will be big enough to  view here)

this message is not covered in the instructions on the web site and i always get skiddish when i get a message about any kind of permenate deletes that could happen.

should i click yes?

i checked with a couple of data recovery companies and they want between $700 and $3900 to get my data back…OUCH!

again, thanks for the help.


ok…  so i stopped and took a long hard look at this problem…stepped back to the begining and rememberd my troubleshooting steps…simple things first…

now i feel like an ■■■■■. 

so…properties showed data on the drive but the drive folder showed empty…

CHECK FOR HIDDEN FILES!!!  arrrrrggghhhh…  i guess the virus i got hid all the files on the drive…

data saved…well…backing up now.

thanks all for the help.