12TB My Book Duo Win7 system image issue

Hi, normally when I connect/safely remove the My Book Duo to/from Windows 7 64bit it only takes a few seconds to do so, but after I create a Windows system image to the My Book Duo; from then on, every time I connect/safely remove it, it takes 5mins or more to do so. To fix it I have to reconfigure the RAID with WD Drive Utilities, then it goes back to only taking a few seconds to connect/safely remove. But as soon as I create another system image to it the same thing happens again.

I have tested creating a system image to the My Book, and it works fine. The issue only happens with the My Book Duo. I have also tested on a few different PC’s, all running Win7 64bit, and the issue happens with all of them. Strange this is; up until a few months ago it was working fine. I ended up getting a new My Book Duo but it has the same issue too. Does anyone else have this issue or know what would be causing it/how to fix it?


I haven’t seen this case before on the community.

Let’s see if any of the users on the community can share some information about it. Also, you can try contacting WD Support for direct assistance.

WD Contact info: