WD App software, should it be installed from the My Book Duo or PC?

Hi, When installing the WD software, do the installation files have to be on the My Book Duo, or can I copy the software to my PC and install it from there? The reason I ask is I’m having some issues with the My Book Duo and was wondering if this might be because I installed the WD software from the PC and did not copy it to the My Book Duo first then install it from there. I seem to remember something about having to install it from the My Book Duo.

Hello, you can just install the software to the PC, there is no need for the software to be on the My Book as well. What is the issue that you have with the drive?

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’m having an issue after creating a Windows system image to the My Book Duo, after creating it, the next time I connect the My Book Duo to the PC it takes ages to be recognized by Win7. I started a topic for it here: