1.39 Mbps transfer speed - That's rediculously slow, right?

I have a brand new EX2 that seems to be running glacially slow. Plugged in a WD ‘MyPassport’ 250GB USB drive to the back of the EX2 and used my laptop (2010 Macbook Air) to order up a transfer of 32GB to the EX2. Laptop says it estimates 5 hours for the job. Seriously? Thats 1.39Mb/s right? Incredibly slow, right? Most everyone I read here gets around 11Mb/s (and still complain). Why am I running ~10x slower?

Laptop uses 802.11n Airport Extreme wifi which is rated at 100Mbps peak so thats not the bottleneck. The EX2 is plugged into an Securifi Almond Router via the WD supplied ethernet cable.

I do understand the data is not a straight transfer from the USB to the EX2 unless I SSH into it (which I am too lazy to learn how to do) and that is must flow from the ext. drive > router > laptop (via wifi) then > router > EX2, but even still, these speeds seem awful awful slow. So much so that I want to immediatly return the device. Hoping its just a bad setting somewhere I can fix.

Running Firmware ver. 1.05.30

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Also, my Macbook Air is running OS 10.9.4

for the usb transfers (if you plug in something directly to EX2), may i suggest you use Web File Viewer(under apps) and start a move there? that way you avoid using the internet completely, and the transfer is direct between the harddrives. Another way would be over FTP if ssh is a problem… but better stay away from simple drag & drop. You could also do a cron to move it… Hope this helps.