Your My Cloud Desktop app is currently locked

I am using a iMac computer and was playing around with the files on the My Cloud. I somehow set a password, which I am sure I entered correctly. Now when I try to enter the My Cloud Desktop app it gives me an error message saying “Your My Cloud app is currently locked” There is no place for a password recovery or forgot password or password reset. So now I am locked out of the control panel. The frustrating thing is that I am certain that the password I used is correct.

How can I reset the password and access the control panel. I have access to the drive through my mobile phone.


Try performing a 4 second reset via the reset button on the back of the My Cloud if you have access to the device. Don’t recall off hand if there is a way to reset the My Cloud remotely using either the WD apps/software or the web portal if one cannot access the My Cloud.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the soft 4 second reset didn’t work. I also tried a hard reset, holding in the reset button for 40 seconds while plugging the power in, but that also didn’t work. I then un-installed the WD Desktop software and reinstalled it. But the same request for a password comes up when I try to run the Desktop App and the password still says it is incorrect. Very frustrating. There should be a password recovery process, but there isn’t

Generally the reset and or system restore will reset the admin password to the My Cloud. If your still being prompted for a password then the problem may reside with your operating system. You may have to access and possibly clear or reset the credentials manager for your OS.