Yosemite Issue

HI there,

When I’d first installed the WD My Book Live in my new Mac, it’d backup perfectly after some issues. It was working great but now it is mainly not working at all. Time Machine do not backing it up anymore and gives me the message

"The backup disk could not be found. Make sure the backup disk is connected or select a different backup disk.

Latest successful backup: June 17, 2015" So the light on My Book Live should be green but it is constantly blue now.There is a new upadte for it however I can access the dashboard at all when it is like that. I have contacted the support before and they were great to solve the issue before however I’m back to the same problem. Any suggestions on how to solve the problem? 


Welcome to the Community.

Are you able to access the Dashboard from other devices within your network? have you been able to reset your WD My Book Live?