Yet another EX2 and Windows 10 problem

Windows 10 Pro, updated through January 2017,

MYCLOUDEX2 shows as a network device in Explorer. When I click on it;

SMB is set to 1.

On EX2, Static IP is
Router, EX2, and PC rebooted.
Device is set as “Full Trust” in Norton firewall. Error also occurs if firewall is disabled.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

I believe you are facing issue in terms of the pubic share and access .set all to all and public.

Thanks for the suggestion, but ALL shares are already public.

I can easily access it from a desktop wired to the router, but not from a laptop.

I have exactly the same problem. This started in my case when we installed a new router. I’ve done the scary paperclip reset. I can see both EX2s in the WD My Cloud desktop app, but can’t get to either of them in a browser, and can’t get to them from file-system shares.