XML file not moving with video file

I regularly move files from a parent directory I call “unwatched” to one named “watched”.

I’ve just noticed that when I move a movie or tv show that has an xml file associated with it to another directory on the HUB, the video (avi, mkv, whatever) and the image file (jpg) associated with it move to the new directory, but the (identically named) xml file is left behind. 

The move is done using the “Move” function from the Options selection, in the Gallery view.   The problem created is that this disables the metadata in the new directory; no info, no background scenes unless I manually move the xml file. This manual move has to be done from the computer, these xml files don’t show up independently on the HUB screen interface, even in the “Files” viewer, as far as I have found.   

Is this normal? I seem to recall in the past it moved all 3 files but I might be wrong. Maybe it’s new since the firmware update, or maybe something else? 

Any ideas?

Sorry to reply to my own message, but would someone please check and tell me if this is how it works for them or do I have something to fix … 

Thanks much,