Wrong firmware for Mac


In the hope to solve the issues I’m having with a My Book Studio II, and to avoid problems with my My Books when upgrading to Yosemite, I’m trying to update the firmware of all my disks.

I downloaded the firmware updater from here:


However, while the release notes in the page say “Mac release (updated 9/24/2014)”, the actual app contained in the zip (date 24 Septermber 2014) is much older (6 December 2013). When running it following all the instructions, the updater app says that the update file is obsolete.

May someone from WD please check this file, and let us know when it is updated?


Hello Paolo,

We have passed this along to support for further assistance.

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Hi, same problem for me ; did you get any help?

I was contacted by the Italian support. Unfortunately, the drive died a little after, exactly as the original one it was the replacement of.


thanks for your reply but did you get the correct version of the firmware ( (updated 9/24/2014))
If you did, can you indicate the link to it?

I’m sorry, Chris, but I can’t find the answer they sent me. I guess we had a phone talk (I see a message inviting me to rate the assistance), and can’t find a link to download anything. As I said, while trying to solve the issue the drive died, so I had no need to insist.


I sent a question to WD support.