Wordpress Setup

I would like to create a WordPress site. To start building it I want to put it on the My Cloud Mirror. I went to configure the App and came upon things I didn’t know. Here are the things I don’t know:

Database Name: ______________ The name of the database you want to use with WordPress.

Am I creating my own name for the database?

Username: ________________ Your database username.

Is this my WD MY Cloud Mirror user name?

Password ______________ Your database password.

I’m so confused. Is this my WD MY Cloud Mirror password?

Database Host__________You should be able to get this info from your web host, if localhost doesn’t work.

Can I use “localhost” for the WD MY Cloud Mirror?


It’s not such a big problem. You just had to enter some data, the email address through which you will receive a notification from WordPress, and advise you to update it when you install it. I think it is possible to use localhost for the WD My Cloud Mirror. You are advised to search on Youtube. Many people explain how to do this, but if you can’t go to someone who could help you, for example, my WordPress was installed by a friend from pixelchefs.com. He installed it very quickly, but then he explained what to do if case-specific problems would occur.

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