Setting up nightmare

I have being using computers for 30 years and I really find a nightmare your approach of setting up My Cloud Mirror. To the point that is still not working after a week, due to the very confusing way of first register on an acc, second find a proper drive (should be plag and play, and to connect the drive to the network online. The result: I will change it back in the shop. It is frustrating, almost unbelivable and nonsense that a company as WD didn’t come up with an easy way of setting up a personal cloud.
Even searching through youtube tutorial I didn’t being able to get it right. If I don’t get help from WD on Monday I will get something else as Lima of similar.
Too bad I thought WD it was a top company in every sense but looks is only for programers not for end users when comes to setting a personal cloud.

Hi @fermunoz

I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble setting up your My Cloud Mirror. Have you been to and followed the prompts? It’s designed to be extremely straightforward.

If you have, could you share with us what your frustrations with it were? Someone on the community may be able to help.

Thank you for your interest. There are so many steps that are giving
problems that is difficult to explain but I¹m going to try.

-When you plug the device, you suppose to register with an email for admin,
well I try and all my totally normal email take it as error.
-You suppose to have a wd cloud account: a total nightmare to find were to
register or if you finally manage to register, to manage it.
-I have a symbol of My Cloud on my iMac but when I try to upload files said
there is not space for a 1T file (I have a mirror 6T).
-I try to log in after some time and it didn¹t accept my admin password so I
have reset all again.
-After resetting I enter the admin panel but there are no place to set a
password to the account.
-When you type your passwords all are with no security so everything can be
-I can upload anything so far.
-I see also a link to the WD HD as link in my iMac, so I don¹t know what to
do, open that or the link to My Cloud?
-I don¹t see any link to my cycloid acc online so I can manage it.
-The registration online simply doesn¹t exist or many is hide in some
mysterious web menu.
-I try to open the app in my iPhone and type my email and password to get to
my cloud acc the same thing all error.
-At this point I don¹t know if I have an acc in mycloud or not.

All this happened even before I mange to function with it.

Thank you

Thanks for the in-depth feedback - I’ll have someone take a look tomorrow when everyone is back in the office and get back to you.

OK - So I spoke to some folks at the Office today.

The first thing suggested is to make sure you do a full 40-second (Option B in the article) reset of the drive using the pin at the back of the device. I’ll give you instructions below. Once this is done, you’ll be set back to how things were when you first bought it.

If the issues persist contact technical support - there are a lot of variables that could be causing these abnormalities and they would be better equipped to determine what the cause is.

Regarding the 1 TB file size - the My Cloud Mirror is using the EXT3 filesystem if I recall correctly. EXT3 had a 1 TB file size limitation. You would need to break the file down into multiple parts in order to store it on the NAS if this is the case. Confirm this with support when you contact them.