Windows Vista not recognizing My Book Essential

I have a My Book Essential Edition external hard drive WD5000C032-002.  I am trying to use it with a dell laptop running Windows Vista 32 bit operating system.  When I plug the My Book into the USB port, the laptop displays a message saying that I need to install a driver.  When I click on Ok, the laptop eventually gives me a message saying the driver has been installed and the external drive is ready to use.  However, in Windows Explorer the external drive does not appear.  The laptop is still not recognizing the External drive.  If I go to device manager in control panel and attempt to install the driver, I receive a message telling me that “This operation requires an interactive Window Station”.  If I plug the My Book into my other laptop running Windows XP, the laptop immediately recognizes the My Book.  Can anyone help me with having the My Book be recognized with the Windows Vista PC?

In Vista go into Disk Management and look down by the bars. Does the drive show there and what does it say there? Also make sure ti has a drive letter and is online.