Windows 10 - Access to "WD My Cloud" Folders


From my desktop using windows 10 I have mapped my WD My Cloud device in order to see the folders.
I would like to access to any folder, no matter the folder is public or not.

  1. So far, in all cases when the folder is not public (according to WD My Cloud configuration) , it is requested a user and password, which data is talking about? (I have no user and password in my windows and not connected to any microsoft account)

  2. I configured windows to access with no user/password request to non public folders (according to WD My Cloud configuration) and not working at all, still asking.

  3. So far I need to make public the folder and than no user/password are requested at all, but in that way I´m leaving public a private folder, ans there is no privacy and takes a lot of time to go back to non public.

Any ideas?

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One creates User Names and Passwords to access Private Shares through the My Cloud Dashboard.

If you haven’t read the My Cloud User Manual ( it is advisable to do so as it explains how to use and configure the various features/options of the My Cloud device.

You may want to check out this topic.

Windows network drive mixed credentials issue:

I have the same issue, only I could access as public but now I can only access the mycloud via the desktop app. Sometimes mycloud shows up in the network, sometimes not. It is kind of confusing. All I wanted was to map the mycloud device as a network drive. Now I cannot even fiddle with how it is mapped to my Sonos system.

Any ideas are welcome, and I also wonder if anyone from the outside world that I have not given access to my private network can see the files in the public share on my mycloud device? I have given cloud access to my family following the instructions in the dashboard, so they have access via the app. What I wonder is if anyone with the app and the IP of my mycloud can access, or if there are extra layers of security.

Sorry for being a bit long-winded.


For Windows 10 see the following discussion that has some suggestions of things to check and configure on Windows 10. Things like ensuring NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled. Both the My Cloud and Windows PC’s use the same workgroup name.

As to the issue of network security or public access to the My Cloud. That is a larger discussion on security of one’s home network including router configuration and various potential security vulnerabilities of both the My Cloud and of other local network equipment.

Generally if one is using WiFi their traffic can potentially be intercepted and if one is determined enough they could possibly exploit certain vulnerabilities to crack that WiFi signal and get onto one’s encrypted WiFi network. Any time one allows a network device to have inbound remote access from the Internet they are opening up a potential exploit hole in their network. Generally one’s local network IP address is different than the public IP address of one’s local network. It is the local network router that uses a network address translation table to route permitted traffic from the public network (internet) to devices on your local network like the My Cloud.

How secure is the My Cloud from public hacking? That is debatable. One can at least set Shares to Private to limit and control access through the means of passwords for any user you grant access to the My Cloud, either publicly or on the local network.

Generally one should, regardless of the device, practice good security measures for sensitive data. If you don’t want your sensitive data to be hacked then don’t put it on a device that has (how ever remote) access to the internet or that others can potentially gain access to.

Thanks a lot for your comments. I will go to the section that you proposed to delve further.

Regarding the safety issue, I think that you answer was in-depth - thanks for that. If I got it right this means that no-one can just surf onto the mycloud device without first hacking the WiFi network (I understand that this depends on a number of things that I can do or not do)? And that if someone has the mycloud desktop app they would still need to hack my identity or manage to impersonate someone that I have given access to before being able to access the mycloud drive? If that is so, this is enough answer.

Regards, Anders

You can set a strong WiFi access password.
You can choose never to use WPS to connect devices.

Today, I was testing once again, considering the information from Bennor, although is not very clear you have to use the ADMIN user and password, I tried that and it is working now. So, the same admin and password you use to access in the dasboard, use them in the folders you try to access, just make sure that admin user is allowed for the folders you want to access. Case solved and closed from my side.

You don’t need to use the admin credentials. BUT you do need to use the SAME user credentials for every share you connect to (provided that user has the required access rights). As explained earlier in the thread.

The only configuration I did yesterday by using ADMIN user has been the only one to access my files in a local way by providing the corresponding password. Maybe other solutions might work, even some of the ones have been described over here didn´t.

Configuration of what? User access rights, using the Dashboard? Yes, only admin can do that.

Do you have any other MyCloud users set up? Have you used Admin to give them appropriate access rights to the desired shares? Did you use only those user credentials to connect to shares? Did you make sure you had no other credentials associated with the MyCloud (using Windows credentials manager)?