Which NAS? WD EX4 or WD EX4100?

Hi, I am looking to invest in a NAS. I can’t locate any in-depth technical specs on the EX4 vs EX4100, so I trawled through the web and gathered some stats myself. Based on this, the EX4100 is superior in performance to the Synology DS414 and the WD EX4. I would be interested in some opinions on this. Personally I want a high-performing NAS which is simple to use and it sounds like the EX4100 is the one. Any thoughts?

Synology DS414 Read speeds (MBps) large files 112
Synology DS414 Read speeds (MBps) small files 44.2
Synology DS414 Write speeds (MBps) large files 97.3
Synology DS414 Write speeds (MBps) small files 38.5

WD EX4 Read speeds (MBps) large files 89
WD EX4 Read speeds (MBps) small files 21
WD EX4 Write speeds (MBps) large files 41.2
WD EX4 Write speeds (MBps) small files 15.6

WD EX4100 Read speeds (MBps) unspecified file size 110
WD EX4100 Write speeds (MBps) unspecified file size 106

The E4 is old tech, the EX4100 is current tech. It also is just better in many ways since it improves on issues with the EX4. And, you seem hung up on specs, (which is OK) so spend a bit more and get the DL4100, and you will get the best of all of this. I have a DL2100 and it is great, easy to use and FASTer than the EX series. Save yourself buyer’s remorse; just get a DL series.

My unit gets 113MB/s transfers, and the spec states it is 115MB/s under their ideal conditions. My conditions are excellent and I am satisfied.

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I agree. the DL series is nice. I’ve not yet seen the CPU get to capacity and with this NAS Gigabit really means Gigabit.

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Thanks for your feedback. Very helpful!! Based on this I have ordered a DL4100 (diskless for now). BUT…

I have now read in the Product Description that the DL4100 will not support WD Red Pro drives (the 7200 RPM) drives. It will only take the WD Red drives (5400 RPM).

I do a lot of video editing and want to be able to stream my videos to a smart TV. I am used to the concept of using 7200 RPM Sata disks for video editing, so can you advise if there would be issues with using 5400 RPM disks?


When I’m copying files to and from the NAS I would say about 98% of the Gigabit bandwidth is utilised throughout the copying process.