Which Drives to buy?

I have bought an empty mybook live duo with no drives!

Will any caviar green drive work in it? or does it have to be certain ones? Certain sizes?

Will other drives not work at all in it?

Do both have to be in? (e.g could I run it with one for the time being?)

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If you have no drives, you have no OS. It’s impossible to even boot a duo without at least one disk that already has firmware installed and partitioned.

Good luck…

Tony is correct. If you have some skills you can download some MyBookLive Duo images from the bottom of this page
There are also some instructions on how to get the images on the drives but you need to know what your doing
Greens and Reds will work in the enclosure, not sure about any other drives
Don’t own a Duo myself so I would be of no help beyond this point

ok, so alternative,

buy a new WD mybooklive duo, take out one hard drive, put it in this empty one then put two new ones in the two gaps? Then restore the second drives in both units?

Would that work?



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Good question.   Unknown if the WD fingerprints itself and stores its own S/N in the firmware.

First make sure that the enclosure is still working.