Where to find previous versions of WD My Cloud app? (SOLVED)


I’ve just bought WD My Cloud device and doing a not-an-easy-as-supposed-to-be work to make in functional in my home network with all or most of the devices.

Here is the first problem:

The WD My Cloud app for Android offered in Google Play installs on my Samsung Galaxy TAB2 (GT-P5100) and does see the WD Could drive, works and plays everything as supposed.

But is says it doesn’t support the Samsung Galaxy TAB (GT-P7300), which is just one year older, but still has an Android v3.2 - thus meets the requirements stated in app description.

Are there any chances that this 7300 model is supported by previous versions of app? And if yes - where could I download it? I just cant imagine that this bit-old-but-still-good model was outlisted by developers of the app in previous times…

PS: I don’t think that changing my old Samsung “brick” is a good option for just the possibility to access my Cloud device from it, especially if there is a chance to make it work.

Thank you in advance.


PSPS More questions to come…

OK, this thing solved.

The v 3.0.0 is found and it seems to work.

I wonder why WD does not put all the previous versions in the list…

Thanks for sharing your solution with the rest of the Community.