Constant issues with the My Cloud app on Android


so I have attempted to reach out via different emails and such, but I am never getting an answer. On this specific site, you even refuse my serial number when I tried emailing directly.

Now onto my issue: for a little while now, the My Cloud app refuses to let my Essential Phone connect to my saved files only from the app. If I use a different app such as VLC to play music or videos, I can access it fine. However, to physically access the files from my phone through your app keeps saying network error 906.
I also just purchased an ASUS Chromebook and I cannot even install the app to my device. Once it is installed, the first thing it asks is to read the terms of use, and when I click to view them, the app crashes constantly.

I made sure all the apps are up to date and everything so my only conclusion is that something is wrong with the app at this point. I can tell the app already had flaws with the video playback issues and the data transfer from the app to the devices (it would show to be downloading when it would not).

I need assistance with this. AND NO i dont want to be told to call support. I tried that once and I never got a response…

@tjclair Check and see if this is the app you are trying to use and is it compatible with your devices?

I will try this for my chromebook however it still doesnt answer to my network connection to the app on my cell since it worked before