Where can i found the technical description of pi driver


I am looking at the actual detailed specs of the WD pi disk driver (dimensions, power connection/comsumption, access rate, cable specification, etc…
Stange, because I was not able to find this basic information.

Hi Rob,

The WD PiDrive Foundation edition is a 7 mm drive and the WD PiDrive BerryBoot edition is a 9.5 mm drive. Both models are standard USB 3.0 drives. It is highly recommended to use them with the WD PiDrive cable. If you need the 1 TB version, check the WD Power Kit.

The Foundation Edition drive has a low power consumption design, so it should manage fine with a 2A power supply. Have in mind that all depends on the type and the number of devices connected to your Pi. If you have multiple devices connected, you should go for a 3A supply.

For some more information about the drives and the cables included, check WD PiDrive page.

Hope this helps

I found a little bit annoying to not have actual professional specifications about this disk driver.

I am building a 3D enclosure for an automation (raspberry) server and I need to know the actual physical characteristics, like, mounting screws location and diameter, power dissipation.

About power dissipation, you are talking about a low power disk, when I read the infos of the front sticker I see 5 VDC 0.55Amps, is this correct?

Thanks Robert

Hey there, @Rob_Binet!

I’m sorry for the late reply. :frowning: Regarding the physical dimensions that our @Captain_WD has already posted, you can also check this thread from the community where you will find a picture of the WD PiDrive and another mobile 2.5" HDD from a laptop being compared.

As for the power supply, the label is right, you can use 5 VDC: 0.55A.

Hope this helps you even a little bit. Good luck! :slight_smile: