PiDrive Foundation Edition not recognised

When I plug everything in ( RPI 3, PiDrive Foundation 1TB) and power up with WD’s 4GB special microSD installed it takes me straight to the BerrryBoot menu editor. I have read everything I can find about the PiDrive but can’t find anythin relevant to my situation. My RPI works fine with the original noobs/Rasbian card installed. I have double checked that I have all the connectors plugged in properly.
The system seems to recognise the WD microSD card ( I have the message Disk: 3238 MB available at the foot of the menu editor screen). The light on the PiDrive is slowly flashing.
I don’t know how to proceed to get my PiDrive recognised etc.
Anyone got any ideas, please?
Thank you

Hi Tony, the PiDrive 1TB is the Berryboot Edition with WD Berryboot installer preloaded on the microSD card. The menu allows selection of the destination device for installation of downloaded OSes. The selection box should show the SDcard and also the PiDrive (PiDrive starts with “sda…”). Are you seeing the “sda…” option in the destination selector?

The Foundation Edition PiDrives and software use a different software installer (based on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s “NOOBS” software). Our Foundation Edition software installs Raspbian PIXEL and multiple instances of Raspbian Lite so multiple command-line programming projects can be supported on the same setup. You can install either WD Berryboot or Foundation Edition software on all PiDrives. Software download and supporting documentation for our PiDrive software is at the link below.

Let me know if you’re seeing the “sda…” destination option. If not, it would help a lot if you could send a photo of your set-up, including the 5V power adapter and USB power cable. If you’d like to provide this, please send it to my email:


FAO Dave CHew
Hello Dave, thank you for your rapid response.(my mailer doesn’t seem to
like like the address you gave me so I hope that has reached you)
What I got was the BerryBoot menu editor and couldn’t find any options for
the destination device, in particular no sda
I got fed up with it after a while so installed vanilla Rasbian on top of
the existing image on the 4G card and then managed to partition and mount
the PiDrive
I’ m going to start again tomorrow with a clean flash of the Foundation
Edition s/w and see how I get on. I will send a picture, but I’m using your
WD power supply and dragon cable with no exetension cables. The only other
thing I have plugged in is a Camera Module.

Hi Tony, I didn’t get your e-mail (at least not yet). The camera does impact overall current consumption. Do you have the 3A 5V adapter or 2A?

We’re working on ways to increase the current availability, focusing on the USB power cable. For proof of concept, I procured some 1-foot low-resistance cables and they do improve current flow. I can ship one to you to try- it would be useful to know if your system behaves any differently. If interested, please try sending your shipping info (including phone number) to my email address above. If you don’t hear back from me (in 6-8 hours), we’ll try another email address.