Pi3 and WD PiDrive314 failing to install and usb dead afterwards

High there. I’m using a standard psu with my Pi3, so 5.1VDC 2.5A
So after a while I saw an offer for the WD PiDrive314GB (drive/enclosure/cable).
First of all: what is the difference between the berryboot from wd-labs and the one found on the site of the author???

I hooked up the PiDrive and the Pi3 With the psu connected on the wd-cable and from there powering the Pi3 and everything started fine. Only problem was that the installation never finished.
So I needed to powerdown the devices and since all off my USB ports are dead!!!

Is it still safe to use the wd PiDrive ?? Looks ok when connected to my linux-pc.
But my Pi3 is ready for the waste-bin???

Please advice???

grtz., Henry

I’ve been using my Raspberry Pi 3 (and previously RPi2) with the 314GB PiDrive without any issues

Maybe it’s your Power Supply ? i’m using an “Official Raspberry Pi PSU”

I bought a “Cheap” 5V 2.5A (Ebay) for my folks Raspberry Pi 2 … it works fine until you attach a USB Device and then you Get the “Rainbow Square” low power warning (even after adding max_usb current to the config.txt)

… so, my advice, try another power supply

Sorry, but tested also with powered hub and nothing els but keyboard and mouse, but it looks like something blue-up my usb ports on the Pi3…
regards, Henry

Hello Henry :slight_smile:

This topic and this article should give you plenty of information about BerryBoot. :slight_smile: Let me know if you have additional questions!

Did you run WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic on the WD PiDrive? Did you check the raw values of the S.M.A.R.T. status?

Does your Pi function at all? Can you check if it’s receiving power at all or if it has failed? Do none of the USB ports work? Can you boot the Pi with nothing attached to it?


Sorry for my late reply! Was out-of-the-country for a while…
Pi booted fine, with NO USB operational.
Got my Pi replaced and tested the pi-drive on my pc and that works also.

Next step is trying to put the two together again…
First I’ll trie with separate powersupplies…
grtz., Henry

Hello again Henry :slight_smile:

How did the test go? Does the new Pi work properly? Did the PiDrive pass all tests successfully? Can you operate with it on other systems? Did you manage to get the USB ports on the new Pi to work (with the drive, mouse, keyboard, other devices)?

Post back with some more info so other people with the similar issue know where to look. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions!