What makes the new My Cloud OS 5 better?

Like most, we are always interested, but wary of new operating system software. While there seem to be few narrative descriptions of the benefits of the new operating system, there is a helpful table comparing OS 3 and OS 5 (Answer ID Answer ID 29389). Unfortunately, the comparison table gives the impression that the new OS 5 has many fewer features than OS 3. Perhaps, because we don’t perceive the inherent improvements.

Can anyone give a fair description of why OS 5 would be a positive upgrade and how it can benefit users? We are particularly concerned when we see areas such as:

  • No desktop app or Admin renaming.
  • No remote dashboard access.
  • No local network access without internet connection.
  • Inability to copy files or move between shares.
  • Missing video and music features.
  • No cloud services integration (Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Adobe)

Perhaps, some of these features have been replaced by other improved features, but we don’t see where. Thank you for any clarification for a novice user.

The best part is hunder the hood, but users can’t “see” and appreciate them: updated core os, update core packages, update security stuffs.

For the apps I think it’s just a matter of time to wait

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Thank you for the information. Do you feel like the update is a worthwhile change at this time?

It depends on what is most important for you. Security stuffs and cloud maybe yes, p2p or 3rd party apps maybe not yet

with OS5 they force you to buy third party software because WD has no NAS management app
A real rip off

Security maybe. Cloud access. … . ummm. . . .if you are talking about the WD phone apps and WD web server access. . . .I would say no. The sorting is by “modified date” and some basic functions like “copy” are missing. The cloud stuff needs more time in the oven.

I need to understand the whole “need internet to log into the unit locally” thing. . . I have not had time to verify by pulling the cable modem For the security minded. . that sounds like a bad thing.

Talking about cloud: me too :slight_smile:

@LemonPeeler unless you don’t have a firewall between your NAS and the internet, definitely not tbh. Leaving security aside, the only upside I can see so far is the core OS plus the underlying RAID management. Everything else got worse as of now.

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It is possible to downgrade the OS?I don’t see the advantages but I do the disadvantages.

We also lost external (remote) backups between MyCloud with OS5 and MyCloud with OS3 (like my EX4 than not support anymore and not have OS5 upgrade). WD it’s a shame!!!

I am also seeing performance issues with OS5. i would expect to be able to play a video or music file from one share, and browse other shares with out laggy performance and dropouts in the playing file.

My other nas using OS3 has no issues doing that.

I am not upgrading. I turned off auto update and I am thinking of taking the unit back. I do not want something that forces you to sign up to access on a website. They could of just added two factor and fixed this. I might be returning tomorrow.

There are a few “less than correct” statements in this thread.

  • You do not “require” internet access to use the device.
  • Sign is strongly “encouraged”; but not necessary to use the device.

One should distinguish between “signing up” and enabling cloud access to blocking internet access via a router firewall.

  • Internet access and signup is required to use WD’s web and phone applications.
  • Internet access (i.e. not firewalling the device) is required to resolve the “redirect” from the http:\myDevice name to the https:\local-unique identifer.
  • I am not sure that apps will work at all if internet access is firewall blocked. (i.e. the backup app and Plex may not work correctly)
  • I am not sure what other features require internet access (people have asked more than twice; WD has not responded)

Without the device firewalled you can still use the NAS as a local network drive.

I can readily access the device (data and the dashboard) using a VPN connection to my network without signing up with WD. However, if I firewall the device the device is also blocked from accessing different subnets behind my router. . . which is a problem for my VPN setup (VPN machines get assigned an IP on a different subnet by my router)

If you don’t want to register with WD; or you want to firewall internet access. . . not sure what MFA buys you.

Regarding “upgrading” or “returning” the unit. . . .that’s up to you.
I know for my personal use case the unit is fine. However. . . . .as a “Personal cloud” utilizing WD software. . . . (i.e. the features most promoted). . .the software leaves MUCH to be desired and I suspect some of the competitors may be offering a more compelling product.

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