What is the maximum capacity of a MyCloud EX4 diskless unit?

The purchase of complete systems (with disks) seem to set the maximum capacity at 24 TB (and no mention of the grade of disks suplied e.g. Red, Green or Blue) which would imply 4 x 6 TB disks. I appreciate that the actual capacity would be less given data redundancy. However, would the system accept 4 x 8 TB drives with a max capacity therefore of 32 TB.

I can’t seem to find complete systems for sale with 32 TB max capacity. Therefore I can’t decide whether it would be cheaper to by a complete system or buy a diskless unit and purchase the 4 x 8 TB (WD Red) drives separately.

Please advise.

I am using 2 WD red 8TB disks in a diskles DL2100 equal ti a diskles ex2100
i am sure of that you can put in 8TB disks without troubles

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