What format external drive?

Hi guys

Less of a question and more of a confirmation of what I think is right in this case!

Basically, I’ve been having alot of problems with my My Book Live, I need to copy the data off of it onto an external hard drive.

I have 1 windows PC and 1 Macbook Pro in my house, the only way to copy the data due to my problem is to turn of the wifi on the Windows PC, connect the My Book Live via ethernet directly into the Windows PC (my Macbook Pro has no ethernet port) and connect via network centre where I can copy files across. 

As I have over 1tb of data i need to transfer to my new My Cloud NAS, I figure the quickest way is to get an external HDD with USB 3.0.

The Windows PC is my wife’s work laptop and is not at home all the time so my main computer is the Mac where I would usually download and transfer to the NAS over WiFi.

So my question is, does it matter what external hard drive I get to move the files across from the My Book Live to the external hard drive via the windows PC?

I’m guessing I get a Windows NTFS formated drive as I’m transfering them using a Windows PC, but will this conflict from where they originated (from my Macbook)? I’m aware there a file size limits when crossing between OS platforms.

I plan to use the external drive connected into the back of the new My Cloud as use as a backup after I’ve transfered the data.



The WD My Book Live uses the EXT3 file system, which is network-centric and neutral between Windows, Mac, and Linux. Transferring the files using your WD My Book Live as a “bridge” should go smoothly.