MY Book USB3 connected to two computers?


I’ve just got a new PC, so I’d like to backup my data incase it all fails. As most of my stuff is download (Games etc), I’d like a hard backup. I’m looking at the My Book Essential, with USB3.0, as it’s so quick.

However, I’m also getting a new iMac, when they refresh the product line.

This means I’d like to back this up too. 2TB should be enough, but I miht go for 3TB, I’ll see about the price at the time.

So my question is, can I connect my My Book to a PC and a Mac at the same time, and access it at the same time? I’m guessing this isn’t possible, but I’d also like to transfer files this way :slight_smile:


Joseph Duffy

To access from both you are probably getting into some type of network issue. The simplest would be a home network to a desktop and access that from Mac. Both would need to be on to access from Mac. More complicated would be sometype of network drive. There will be a format isseu between Windows and Mac. One way to fix is format FAT32 but that has a file size limit of 4G. Here is a link explaining an alternative an app you download from Apple NTFS-3G That should get you started.


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I guess a smaller (500GB) for my PC (Only around 160GB HDD) and a 2/3TB one for Mac? This’ll cost a lot, what about a small media center, will this serve the same purpose?