What exact models support usb hubs to connect more than 2 drives

Hello…I have the wdtv live plus and need to know if a powered usb hub will work on this…and if not what exact models do allow this? …please id like more than one opinion/answer let me know asap…thanks sonny

Thanks for the help w the wd problem/question

The WDTV Live Streaming Media Player and The WDTV Live Hub have confirmed support for USB hubs supporting multiple drives.   Some time ago I tested up to five drives via a USB hub on an SMP.

I think there’s unconfirmed / undocumented support for USB hubs in the Live / Live Plus running 1.06+ firmware.

Keep in mind:  “Support” does not mean EVERY USB HUB and DRIVE will work – there may be other compatibility issues.

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Thank you