Does the WD Live TV support USB hubs yet?

Has anyone tried plugging a usb hub into the WD LIve TV and see if can support more than 2 drives at the same time?  The WD Live TV with custom firmware has supported this for months now, and most other players (Popcorn Hour) already support this, so I hope they have added this with the recent firmware update.

if not, this is lame and I’m returning the WD LIve and going with a popcorn hour.

No, it does not support USB hubs for multiple drives, the WD TV Live Hub (latest firmware update) and the WD TV Live SPM support USB hubs for multiple drives.

well that certainly **bleep**!  They should have figured out by now that feature is expected!

Ya, the hub supports it, but at $199, I would just go with the new Popcorn hour a-300, which is only $219 and totally smokes all other players, IMO.

Time to return this product.  Too bad they just can’t tell us when they will support via a new firmware update, lame…lame…lame!

…thanks for your post though  :slight_smile:

You can still return a product that hasn’t been made in almost a year?   Interesting.

huh??  I got at bestbuy 2 weeks ago, **bleep**?±+WD+TV+Live+Media+Player/3558057.p?id=1218420285155&skuId=3558057&st=WD Live&cp=1&lp=1

Uhm, you posted in the wrong forum. THAT product supports them.

first, what is the point of your posts at all, you didn’t offer any help and just needed someone to im back and forth?  If you don’t have input to help re the subject, then don’t post!

The title of this forum is WD TV LIVE & lIVE PLUS : LIVE GENERAL DISCUSSIONS

I have the WD TV LIVE

No, you have a WDTV Live Streaming Media Player.   People around here are referring to it as the Live-S or Live SMP.

Yes, WD’s names are confusing.

The product you bought has its own forum section:

You posted in the 2009-model WDTV Live forum, which is THIS product:

 you didn’t offer any help and just needed someone to im back and forth?

And I *did* answer your question, and so did Cuerndo.   YES.  The WDTV Live SMP *does* support USB hubs.   Maybe you need to go back and re-read my post.

wow, not sure how I did that.  The names are confusing, omg.  And sorry, you did answer a question.

I’ll close this post out and start over in the correct fourm.

They should rename the forums so it isn’t this easy to select the wrong one.