What does recertified actually mean?


I wonder what “recertified” actually means. I imagine that it would be not cost-effective, if they repaired the drives. So I wondered, if they maybe just reset the SMART values.

Thank you!

WD recertified products may consist of customer return units and may be repaired. All products are tested and determined to meet WD’s stringent quality standards before they are sold as recertified. Please note that some recertified items may have marks, scratches, or other slight signs of wear.

All recertified products carry manufacturer’s limited warranty of 6 months.

For additional information please refer to the following link:


Interesting, I didn’t expect, that reparing a drive is cost-covering. Does WD have automated machines for such things?

That information is not available to us Moderators.

A little bit more info would be nice (and professional). E.g.: which range of power on hours can one expect from such drives?
I understand that basically are from RMA, so they could be 1 week to the warranty expiration, aka some years old with 24/7 power on and/or 100.000 load/unload…