What are the differences between MyCloud PR4100 and MyCloud Ex4100?

What is the difference between MyCloud PR4100 and MyCloud Ex4100?

One is new top of line unit that is better and faster and costs more $$$. The other is built for a much lower price point. Go to wdc.com. click on Products and read about them both.

It seems that the two differences I saw were the ability to upgrade RAM, PR4100 comes with 4GB which is upgradable to 16GB and the EX4100 is stuck at 2GB. The other difference is the processor, the PR4100 has an Intel Pentium R 1.6GHz, and the EX4100 has a Marvell Armada 1.6GHz processor. Not including the price, thats whats different between the two. I’m not sure how much space the apps take up, from what I hear they don’t really take up much, but I read that you want more RAM for a Plex server for transcoding? As far as processors go I’m sure most people would opt for the Intel Pentium R chip. I’m sure if you don’t have many people streaming video’s (more than 2-3) you can go with the EX version.

Basically, the PR series is the most current top of line WD NAS (It replaced the DL series that I have) the EX series is about 3-4 years old and came out when the DL series did. Like most things in life, you will not regret buying the PR series, but you might if you get the EX series. If someone can afford the EX series they can find a way to afford the PR series. It is really that simple!