Well folks, I'm out :-)

After many, many years pf a love/hate relationship with my trusty DS6100, it is dying a slow, painful death. Its getting things wrong with it, I cannot figure out and its performance as a file server is failing.

I just brought a brand new DELL EMC T350 PowerEdge Server. This thing is FAST and has so many amazing features, and iDRAC9, is incredible.

I appreciate all the help I’ve gotten here over the years from reading posts and direct help from members here.

Take care and many thanks!

RIP DS6100.

– Cain

Good deal !!
I hope you get as many years out for the Dell as you did the DS6100 :slight_smile:

You were so helpful, so many times. I really appreciate that.

I agree, I hope the Dell serves me as long !! I bought my DS6100 at the time they discontinued making it!

July 2015…