Sentinel DS6100 Non Availability

I can’t seem to find ANY 8TB Sentinel DS6100 products (WDBWVL0080KBK-NESN). B&H Photo and PCConnection list them as ‘Discontinued’. I called the WD store and they assured me they weren’t discontinued. The WD store has none in stock - and hasn’t had any for weeks!

Is there any official word on the availability of this product? I’m concerned that there will be no support if the server I’ve already placed has any problems.

The 12GB model is available, but it uses 3TB drives. I don’t want to handicap myself. The 16TB model is ridiculously priced - why wouldn’t it simply be marked up the same price as 2 additional 4TB drives? does not show any Windows servers anymore. I think they all have been discontinued.

Odd. No mention of it on their website. Alex P of WD support replied to my inquiry by saying, “I just checked with supervisor and this model is still available from our distributors.” They say the WD Store is out of stock - but never provide when stock is anticipated.

For a company with a $14+ billion market cap, they stink when it comes to communicating. Although I was impressed and wanted to deploy more, I found it impossible. Thankfully I only deployed one of these. I dare say I wouldn’t trust them with anything beyond a hard drive any more.

NOTE: The DS6100 I deployed in July just reported ‘Boot Volume Degraded’ in Dec. This never happened to me when I bought Dell servers.