Weird "heartbeat" like noise with WD Green 3TB ( WD30EZRX )

Hi, I’m getting a weird, heartbeat like noise from my brand new WD30EZRX. Every few seconds, the disk makes this silly noise. I read, that it has to do with the “intelli power” energy saving feature and that I can turn this to a 5 minute cycle… tried this yesterday without any luck. It still makes this very low frequency, very silent but extremely annoying sound!

Anyone has an other idea what this annoying sound could be? Is the drive defect? Should I RMA it???

How exactly did you “tried” it? What is the interval between the noise?

i tried this. but without success. the intervall is acout 3-4 seconds? i can’t measure it exactly now.

Can you repeat the wdidle3 command and confirm it’s been disabled?

I need to source a similar type of drive to see if it’s due to APM. Alternatively, can you try to disable APM (yes I’m aware that 3.5" does not come with APM) with hdparm and see if the parks continue?

WD30EZRX and aggressive head parking