Faint Whine coming from my WD30EZRS Caviar Green 3.0TB

Hey all,

I’m having a bit of a noise problem… running a fanless system (Zalman TNN-500AF case) and have two 500GB Blues running in it for years with no issues. I just bought this WD30EZRS and there’s an odd 2200Hz pure tone whine that is very directional (tilt your head or stand in a different part of the room and it disappears). I have tried three of these drives and they all exhibit it (first two from new egg were sub model 00J99B0 and the one from WDC directly that I have now is sub model 11J99B0).

Is this a design issue? Number of platters? Bearing type that is different from my WD5000AAKS? Is there a solution that doesn’t involve me having to return it and give up a 15% restocking fee only to gamble on another brand or model drive?




The type of noise and the volume of the noise can change depending on the current function that the drive is involved in . It is important to recognize which noises indicate trouble and which are simply drive sounds. Please see the WD link below:

htt[://wdc.custhelp.com/cqi-bin/wdc.cfg/php/enduser/std adp.php?p faqid=568

I guess I wasn’t clear about the nature of the whine… It is constant/without change regardless of what the disk is doing at the time(Idle, active, etc.)