WebDav URL?


having enabled WebDav on the PR4100 I am attempting to upload directly to my NAS from the Scanner Pro app using WebDav. The app required a login, password and a Url of http://myserver.com/

How do I find/access the required URL?

Thanks in advance…


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You need to contact “http://myserver.com/” to get new user account in order to access this URL.

Hmmm, thanks for the reply however the browser says can not find “myserver.com” Any other thoughts? Thanks David

First enable webdav in the WD web UI: Settings - Network - Webdav Service.

Then in the Shares tab, enable it on a share e.g. Downloads. Select the Downloads share and the Share Access section you can enable webdav.

Then on the client (e.g. a windows PC), fill in one of these

I tested it on linux with cadaver and it works fine.

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Thanks for the reply. I did successfully configure WebDAV however the issue is how to upload directly to my server using a third party app that requires a user name, password and a myserver URL? It’s the URL that is the issue.

Create a share.
Enable webdav
URL is http://nasipaddress:8080/sharename

If you need access outside your (home) network, portforward port 8080 in your router (see the guide above) and connect to http://mypublichomeipaddress:8080/sharename

You could also setup Network - Dynamic DNS to get a domain name instead of an IP address

Yes that worked just great…thank you.


I follow the instructions and after the authentication, I’m redirected on a 404 - Not found page where the URL is http://mypublichomeipaddress:8080/sebastien where sebastien is the sharename…

What’s Wrong? I’m on a WD MyCloud with 2.31.204 firmware

Many thanks