WDTV LIVE Windows 7 shares password error

If you remove “Windows Essentials” Windows Live Essentials" “Windows Sign In assistant” , your shares will work on WDTV Live.

In my case, I had just installed Windows Essentials for email and movie maker and one other program…Anyway, there was no un-install option for “Sign In Assistant” which was reported to be the culprit for shares not working on WDTV Live.

So I just removed the whole kit n kubutle and my shares now work on WDTV Live…FYI


Actually, a good discussion on that here:



Windows 7 shares and WDTV Live

WDTV Live password error when connecting to  windows 7 shares

If you read the end of the thread, you’ll see that was fixed over two years ago.

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Yes, thanks for that update TonyPh12345…

Problem is, since I’ve only just recently(01_2013) tried to connect "WDTV Live to my Win7 shares, I discovered I could not untill removing said product(s).

Win7 SP1 /

Live Essentials 2012

WDTV Live FW VER. 1.06.43_V

 UPDATE: Seems the fix was on the windows 7 rig, it’s still a mystery as to why, but it is working with “Windows Essentials 2012”