Another Network Shares Problem and Fix!

O.K., this seems weird. After getting my shares visible on my WDTV Live while connecting to my Windows 7 Pro rig with USB drives connected, something else happened…

Suddenly, I could see the folders, but not access any files, at least most of them. Out of 10 folders, I could only access 2 folders files, but I HAD access to all folders. WDTV would respond with the “No Media Found” error.

I tried resetting a few times and even downgraded to 10641…No change. So on the Windows 7 rig, I checked folder properties for the files visible in the 2 folders and also checked folder properties for the files not accessible in the other folders. Some how, permissions(under security) had changed for these folders. On the USB drives(which are always accessed this way), I will just share the ROOT, so I thought this was a non-issue. But clearly, something else is going on. I reset the shares on the ROOT and sure enough, it went through and changed all the folders that I could not access files in.

Turned on WDTV Live and can now access all files…Again. What the heck could do this? Is this happening on my system? Weird Shiite…


Yup, I have seen this happening before. 

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