Wdtv live hub firmware hack

Has anyone installed a hack firmware onto a wdtv live hub? ive found a page online to install a version to allow third party app downloads including torrent downloads, should i stay away or has anyone been successful?

There was/is no custom firmware for the WDTV Live Hub

There was, for almost all the other WDTV’s (including Gen3) … found here

but not for the Live Hub.

I remember assisting KAD79 who was investigating developing/back porting the Gen 3 custom firmware for the Live Hub … but hit a brick wall because there were a lot of differences with the Live Hub (a different Kernal being one, from memory)

If you found someone claiming to have custom firmware for the WDTV Live Hub … i would be very very careful (and suspicious) , it could/may/will brick your device.

Post a link to this to where you found the firmware and i’ll check it out

Hi mate here’s the link to the page i was talking about

article is from 2012 and it’s all about much older 2nd Gen WDTV’s and stuff found on the WDLXTV website/forum and has nothing to do with the Live Hub.

And if you search that website/forum, you’ll find no custom firmware for the WDTV Live Hub.

I used to own almost all WDTV media players and firmware hacked all of them except the WDTV Live Hub which there are no firmware hacks for.

Now, while the firmware hacks for other/older WDTV’s did work at the time … you’ll probably find most (if not all) of the 3rd Party Apps and torrents no longer work. Things change over 7 years … and if the apps and software is no longer updated then there’s a very good chance they won’t work anymore.

In closing … i found this link to put closure to your question.


and remember, the WDTV Media Player is a dead, discontinued device that no-one is working on homebrew and hacking anymore.