Wdtv live hub can't detect any USB drive!

just got the wdtv live hub yesterday. To my surprise, it can’t detect my seagate portable 1tb, wd passport 250gb or worse, even my wd studio 2tb via USB. I’m yet to have a LAN cable directly from my router and therefore, I thought why not transfer some data via USB. Is this player faulty? Or am I doing something wrong. All I’ve done is connect to plasma via hdmi and turn the power on. Suggestions anyone?

Well it does sound a bit wrong…but

Try just connecting one drive to the USB port in the back. Then power it down and power it back up again.

If this does not work, hard boot the Hub by holding the power button down on the remote for greater than 5 seconds. Then power it up again. Sometimes this is needed to let the Hub chill out and have a look when it wakes up again.

Then move on to two drives, it will find them I am sure, but it does need some help sometimes.