WDTV Live Hub Bad?

(posted in wrong area first time)

Weird issue here. I can access WDTV through my laptop and Desktop PC.

On my laptop(primary) WDTV shows up as CSC-Cache drive with 154 gigs. All my everything, folders and pictures, are gone. Something is definitely not right.

Now if I look at  WDTV drive from my desktop…everything is in there. I can also still access all my content from WDTV Gui.

I dont understand it. Is it a hard drive issue? I have formated the WDTV as well. If I drag files fom Laptop to WDTV it never shows up.

Tjordan02 wrote:

(posted in wrong area first time)

You’re still in the wrong area.   The Hub’s forums are here: