Wdtv hub Grid view

I got the wdtv hub yesterday and I’ve been using the gen 1, it seems to good so far but I don’t like the how the movies are viewed and I want the poster grid view back, I have downloaded a couple of themes that have the grid view but I’m happy with the default theme, I’m only going on what I’ve read last night but I think its the rv_video_browse_page.xml or rv_gallery_browse_page.xml file that hold the code, how can I edit this file and copy it into the default theme to look like my old wdtv did or a simple poster grid view or if i can change the amount poster displayed on each page? 


I think  Tinwarble (Guru/Themer) can help you on that one, send a private message to him. 

No, don’t PM me.

Not trying to be rude, but Private Messages should be used for things you don’t wont’ to discuss in the community, not for problems, issues or questions about theming.  If you post it here, someone (eventually) will get back to you, that is what the forum threads are here for.

I don’t mind anyone PMing me, but if you have a question and ask it in a PM, then anyone else wanting to get the same answer will not be able to find it.  This causes the same question to be asked multiple times.

To answer your question though, it depends on what view you want to edit.  You can find some info here:


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Thanks and sorry Tinwarble, I will keep that in mind.