WD2PhotoApp automate and secure other folders

I am a proud owner since a week WD Live duo.  I think the WD2PhotoApp is not extended. There is only minimal. If the app developed?

Android WD2Photo App
Can you set up with this app as you would any icloud or drop box, it automatically do that I just a photo and instantly secures it on my WD Live Duo or copied only if I have a WiFi connection. (Such an attitude last very great)

On an Android phone I have the app WD2Photo it and I’m looking at the pictures I’ve copied to WD Live Duo. But when I select ONLY copy the images from camera. But there are other folders exist. Example download, sdcard, video, image WhatsApp, WhatsApp video, bluetooth and camera.
The only thing I can select images from camera. The other folders are not displayed. Can I somehow zugreiffen to other folder to save a copy to my WD Live Duo make.

thank you very much
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That would be a good idea, but there is no way to setup the WDPhoto app to copy the pictures automatically. WD photos can only access the main photo folder in your phone, you can try to copy the pictures into that folder and from there copy your pictures.

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It is a pity that the app from the WD was not thinking completely.

It is programmed to be minimal and poor. Thus, it appears only in advertising as an app. Marketing!! Too bad the WD
Look at some dropbox app.