WD photo app, case for enhancement


I’ll post this on the ideas page, but would be interesting to see how many others think this is a good idea (thus getting WD to think its a good idea).

Background.  I’ve been using “Public” folder on my My Duo Live to share all my Home videos, Movies, Photos, Music etc…  I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with this, as anyone who can gain access to my home network, can effectively delete all the information with no passwords required.  Basically anonymous users have full write access in that share and there is no way to change it.  This could be a guest with their teenage children which stays at our house, and uses the wifi network (which is passworded) and browses around the place and gets up to mischievous.  Or it could be family members who make a mistake etc…  Or it could be a virus on a laptop/PC which looks around the network for things to corrupt/destroy.  Various scenarios could be used.

So, I’ve moved all our photos etc… to a private share.  This works great, and my WD TV live supports this fine, as does WD 2go.  The only thing which is an issue is the WD photo app as it only supports the public share.  Other users have complained re this limitation.  Does anyone know if WD is planning address as I would think its an easy enough problem to fix?  As I’m unwilling to go back to using the public share, which basically makes this app useless.

I’m considered doing something with symlinks on the My Duo Live itself, but suspect this will cause other issues.


Note, I can really recommend the WD TV live, it really complements the WD my duo live, as it provides all the missing functionality around thumbnails/playlists etc…



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Hello, you can also try using the WD2go app, with it you should be able to access the private shares. 

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Yes, but you missed the point:

WD2go does not provide thumbnails!

Are WD working on a thumbnail option for photo files?

yes, sorry, missed the original reply.

yep, the point is the photo app is great at displaying photos.  wd 2 go works fine, but doesn’t use thumbnails so is terrible for photo displaying.

for me, our photos and home videos are irreplaceable.  hence raid 1 and snapshot onto a separate device.  however, I cannot see how someone who is remotely security conscious can use the public photos folder for keeping safe one of their most important possessions with the current security model that the photo app relies on.

techincally I don’t see why its that difficult to add the ability in for you to choose the share where to select photos from, given you are selecting the user to authenticate on.

I agree, WD Photo should be able to access a Private share

I totally agree that WD Photo should allow one to chose which share the photos are uploaded to.

Come on WD…  you seem to be dragging your feet on soo many simple issues…