Will WD be adding this ability?

First off I’m not complaining, WD makes a good product and am stoked I bought it… I’m recomending it to everyone. With some additions I think it can be an even better product…

I would have just added my comment to the other thread started about this, but since it was solved I guess I can’t reply anymore.

I would love to be able to put pictures in a private folder so only I can see them, and put the ones I want other people to see in the a public shared folder.

I can do this in WD2go app, but it isn’t the best for photo viewing, but the WD Photo app wont let me see my photos unless they are in the Shared Photos folder.

It would be great to also have the option for us iphone users to be able to tap the photo (i.e. when you save a photo from a text) and save it to the photo album on the phone without having to email it via a link or attatchment, It allows me to open it with… other apps, yet those don’t save to the phones albums. But it wont give me the option to open with apples photo app

So would anyone else like this ability? I hope Western Digital will be updating their app to allow this in the future. Seeing as their product is so good already, it would be perfect with those additions. Thanks for making a good product already. 

Hi, good idea, you can propose it at the idea section. Check the link below. 


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Sweet, thanks.

Once again, that makes me happy I purchased a WD product. If its accepted as a solution, will others be able to replytothisthread? I’d love to accept it, but don’t want others to not be able to add to it. 

I gave you kudos. 

Thanks again.

P.S. To carify to my previous post… It would be nice to have the tap and save option in wd2go and WD photo app.Or at least have more options to save/export like the WD photo app in the WD2go app too. 

Thanks again. 

Yup, other users will be able to post on the same thread, create the post so I can kudo you back. :wink:

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Thanks… and Kudos to you! Haha

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