WD2Go access problems - IE related?


I have recently setup my new WD My Book Live and am able to access via the iOS apps, but cannot access via the WD2Go webpage. I can login and see the device, and when I click on the device the next page loads saying “Shares (1)” but then what looks like a logo/button that should load underneath does not load and I am left with an empty box with a tiny red cross in the corner.

I am using Windows 7 32-bit, and IE8. I have also tried on my iPhone and iPad Safari browsers with the same result. I am confident the drive is working correctly because the apps work ok, so this might be a router or IE issue.

Any ideas much appreciated.


That tiny red cross probably means your browser isn’t working with the Java plugin that the WD 2go webpage needs.

That’s what I thought, any ideas on how to fix it?