WD20EARS imminent failure? raw read error rates up after writes; pending sectors

This particular drive appears flaky compared to the other WD20EARS I have. It “passes” the extended lifeguard test, but was not writing (as I have data on it). It found bad sectors. Looking at the SMART data using Fedora Disk Utility palmpiset, the read error rate (ID 0x1) value has risen to over 3594 after writing a few hundred GB. There is 75 pending sectors; a few weeks ago it was 83, then down to 48, now to 75. At one point I saw write error rates quite high. It shows no reallocated sectors. My other drive shows none of this. Is this imminent failure? Can/Should this drive be RMA’d? Thank You

yes your drive is not good

you should rma it

maybe a faulty head

Thank you. Will seek RMA.