WD Weird Path Name Problem

Hi Folks
Thanks for the help out. I have bought a new drive. The My Passport Ultra. Its my second WD Drive. The weird path names that the drive automatically creates has been problematic. Does anybody know why WD does this? I’d really like a work around if possible. Is there one? Main though not the only prob is that sometimes i get the message “File name too long” when I try to unzip folders placed there. The same zip file unzips without a hitch in a folder oustide of the WD drive. Any ideas? See screen shot for eg there are TWO such folders in this shot.
Thanks mucho

Well, first, the drive isn’t creating anything – that folder tree is being created by the backup software.
It’s really meant to be OPENED by that same software, too, not manually.

And does it say the FILE NAME is too long, or PATH NAME is too long?

My Bad thanks Tony. i should have said “path name too long”. I’ve had this problem before on another WD drive.

That’s not an issue unique to WD drives. Path length limitation is a limitation of Windows / NTFS file systems.


…Supposedly Windows 10 addresses this limitation.

Ok thanks Tony. Gonna have to live with it then as Windows 10 would have to offer me far more to reinstall that OS. have a good weekend.