Failed file transfer from WD external drive to WD MyBook - MyBook can't accept long filenames

I bought a WD drive so that I would have compatibility.  I’m returning the MyBook to Amazon if someone doesn’t give me a very easy solution here.  Hundreds of files bring up error message “File name too long”.

Hi there and welcome tot he WD community.

Sometimes if the files are inside too many folders within a specific folder can give you this error, since windows only supports a specific number of characters for the path if the path exceeds a specific number it will give you this error, but this is in windows. Let us know what Operating System you have so we can better assist you on this matter.

Windows 8.1.  Thanks for any help.

Don Lotter

I have returned the item to Amazon.  I am really disappointed in Western Digital.  How can you guys put out a drive that is not compatible with your other drives?