Wd warehouse pretends to ship


Look at that tracking. Just sits there says label created 5 days ago!

the WD warehouse has gotten really bad.

RMA 87583805 if anyone at WD cares, how about shipping my order before I dispute with my card company!

Same here.

WD says shipped 8/10 but only label created


Their new border warehouse near mexico is really bad.

think its time for seagate.

i didn’t even get a tracking. 2 weeks still waiting.


wd warehouse is in mexico now?

Same here! I waited more than 2 weeks for my advanced RMA to ship. Ordered July 30 and yesterday Aug 14 it says shipped, but the tracking says N/A! This was a miniscule $40 order for a fast replacement for a 4TB Purple, & this warehouse can’t even do that.

RMA 87582140. Someone at WD needs to investigate this joke of a warehouse.

And to the other poster, yes, WD is basically un-American and has outsourced the warehouse away from the patriotic americans of Louisville, Kentucky warehouse, and now it’s basically in Mexico

this warehouse is a joke and either doesn’t ship an order, or they pretend to ship an order.

Ladies and gentlement, Make no mistake. WD support has disappeared, they have abandoned their customers, & now have a criminal warehouse on the mexican border pretending to ship orders, but really their employees steal a large % of the customers orders. Mine being one of them


My RMA says shipped 8/10 but UPS still waiting for the package from WD. It’s been a week. How obvious is this.

My RMA not shipping either 87586994
I mean it says shipped but its deceptive.

UPS still shows no activity


WD Warehouse has really gone downhill

Anyone at WD want to get my order shipped since I already paid you 2 weeks ago and you pretended to ship 1 week ago? Maybe investigate this new calexico warehouse ???

I have 100+ successful RMA’s in my long standing account, & they are jerking me around too.

RMA 87591508 has a fake tracking number of 42092609

I’m used to seeing the long UPS tracking that begins 1Z. All tracking begins 1Z.

We have seen it all now folks. Hang in there. WD has to address this. They aren’t shipping orders. Your warranties are worthless right now.

Another RMA victim checking in here.

Sent in my defective drives at the end of July. UPS tracking indicates my package was delivered on 8/2.

I get a 8/7/2018 “Received Date” on my RMA status page five days later. Ohhhhkaaay.

Now 8/16 and WD still has not shipped my replacement drives. Tried calling their support phone number and there’s just no possible way to get a human on the phone. The automated menus keeps you in a loop with no option to talk with an live agent.

I need my ■■■■ replacement drives ASAP. Hello to any Western Digital rep reading this forum, do I need to get my very litigious lawyer involved here to get my property?

If anything, this is the last time I will ever buy WD drives and rely on their support services. Seagate moving forward.

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Here is the kind of nonsensical response from WD when I pointed out the tracking they gave me from 8/10 is still dead and not tracking 1ZRV27080365343945


Doubt my package is going to magically start shipping. The employees stole my package. They won’t address why they give a fake tracking number. If a package has tracking, it would ship by next day.

On 8/10 WD lies & assures me the time frame will hold true

Now 6 days after that, there is still bogus tracking on my order placed on the 7th, says shipped on 13th:

These reps are not in the United States and do not take any issues seriously. They simply say the script over & over. There is no one to contact when there is a missing package (which is happening on apparently a large % of customers orders now).

I am in Canada. and it’s been 4 days since WD says my order shipped


But tracking doesn’t work. UPS still is waiting for the package from WD.

Hi davylin,

We have recently experienced some delays in processing RMA requests. As of August 20th all processing delays have been addressed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Actually, clicking any of those customers tracking numbers show the delays have not been addressed. Looks like you are corrupt & a liar on behalf of WD.

My issue of RMA 87591508 saying tracking 42092609 also has not been resolved. This is a fake tracking number and it has been a week of no resolution.

Hi can someone help me? My RMA was from August 7th. I paid for advanced because it was time sensitive. It has been more than 2 weeks, still no shipment. I already shipped the defective drive a few days ago to be simultaneous about it. But I thought WD was supposed to ship within 5 days? It has been 15 days. Can WD answer. Look


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Hi can someone help me? My RMA was from August 7th. I paid for advanced because it was time sensitive. It has been more than 2 weeks, still no shipment. I already shipped the defective drive a few days ago to be simultaneous about it. But I thought WD was supposed to ship within 5 days? It has been 15 days and as of August 22, still no shipment. Can WD answer. Look at Order 87592127

according to other posts made by WD staff the backlog for RMA should be caught up. If your case has not been updated it would probably be best to contact their support directly to check the status of the replacement.

thanks. i sent a email. hope they reply soon.

warehouse shipped to me, but received a wrong, lesser item. $100+ difference.

I emailed WD, but wanted to share with community so they know new warehouse is still messing up & not professional.

Today I did not receive the correct hard drive. My order is for 10TB Red WD100EFAX but I received 8TB Red. UPS delivered today, but it was 8TB Red, and the serial number is different then the 10TB Red serial number that is shown on my RMA 87599999 Can you please ship the correct item, and how do you want me to send this one back to you? Please update me and confirm the process, and the new tracking number

I can’t even get my order either.

87591599 is my order

1ZRV27086769475757 has been the tracking for 9 days, it doesn’t track. Just says label.