How hard would it be for WD to make a simple announcement about warehouse change / delays?

WD has an ANNOUNCEMENTS section here, but I wonder why they are keeping it a secret and made no announcement that a mexican warehouse has taken over the RMA responsibilities, and they have axed the Kentucky warehouse, and as a result, RMA’s are not being processed, fake tracking numbers being put on customer’s orders, their hard drives being stolen by the calexico employees, & massive delays…

There is an announcement section on this forum, but WD does not make announcements as big as their warehouse is moving, and to allow for delays.

It makes no sense to be so secretive and unprofessional.

And now, on the heels of many unhappy customers waiting for their orders to ship, having been given fake tracking numbers ( Wd warehouse pretends to ship - #10 by dsdestiny ) now we can’t even place an RMA order. It says

There was a system error while processing the request. Please try again in a few minutes. If necessary, you may also contact our support team for assistance.

You would think WD would make an announcement on this too, but they won’t, but a WD employee confirmed there was an outage back in March only when customers threw a fit then too:

So the soap opera continues. new warehouse is stealing orders and pretending to ship, and now to shut down the complaints of their customers, WD is blocking new RMA orders from being submitted. hmmmmm

Orders still cannot be submitted.

WD employees are lurking around here, replying to what they want, but they ignore this massive issue.

They even have an announcements section here, but apparently they don’t feel the need to inform their customer’s of this

They did a year ago though for a 1 day outage

We are going on 4 days now, their system is down, their new warehouse is incompetent & corrupt, & nothing, but crickets from WD.


No one wants to update us?

And it’s been 6 days & counting of an insufficient response from WD overseas reps about why my RMA 87591508 has a UPS tracking number of 42092609

obviously invalid and fake. WD customer service just keeps replying “escalating to the appropriate department”

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Hi bennyamlabs,

I have sent a message. Please check your WD Community Message Inbox.