WD TV Mini and WD My Passport Essential 500Gb

Is there a problem or incompatibility between the WD TV Mini and WD My Passport Essential 500 GB?
I have both devices and t the WD TV Mini (with the 1.00.60 firmware) can´t recognizes My Passport unit. I have tried to format the disk in Fat32 and NTFS but not recognize it.

If I connect a 8 GB usb memory, it works ok.

The external drive My Passport works ok in my PC


I have a 750GB passport essential and my problem is that when I pause the video for too long of a period - say more than 10 minutes, WDTV mini seems to have difficulties playing the video again. it either plays it for a couple seconds and then pauses and then stops responding to any keypresses or it doesn’t continue playing the video, thinks for a very long time and then stops responding or thinking.


My problem was solved. The USB cable was defective.
WD replaced it very efficiently and now I have no problem.